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Kyle. My brother, my friend

May 20, 2009 by  
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May 20, 2009
Posted by: tczaplicki on CNN ireport

iReport — Sergeant John “Kyle” Daggett, U.S Army Ranger, was only 21 when he lost his life due to an attack on his Stryker vehicle in Sadr City, Iraq. Kyle fought hard for two weeks, but the injuries were just too extreme. On May 15, 2008, Kyle lost his last battle. Kyle was my only brother, younger than me by only a year. Also, my friend. He was a loving, smart, funny, and caring guy. He put others before himself which explains his natural tendency to lead. Kyle accomplished Ranger school at the young age of 20, and was promoted to Sergeant while serving in Iraq last year. Kyle hoped to pursue firefighting after the Army. He loved hunting, sports, and even baking pies. A family never expects to say their final goodbyes, and they never expect that they will never see their soldier again. We think that something this tragic could never affect us, never break our family apart. It has been a year since Kyle’s death, and it has not gotten any easier. He left behind three sisters, loving parents, a loving girlfriend, and endless friends and family members. We all will continue to live our life through Kyle’s legacy, and we will never forget those who have sacrificed their life for us!

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